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My goal is to formalize a safe and effective means to ascend a tree single line but minimize or get away from using mechanical ascenders.

My foot strap/loop is attached with a klemheist or some other variation. It also serves as life support by attaching to my hitchclimber (via tech cord prisik). This also helps pull my hitchclimber advancing my KT or VT ( which ever knot performs better), The KT/VT also is a life line attached the ascension line to my climbing belt (not shown but at the gold carbiner). The foot not utilizing the foot strap / loop would use a pantin that would be attached to the main ascension line.

So far my biggest concern is figuring out the proper configurations of my two hitches 1. the klemheist and 2. the KT.

The other problem that I have noticed is descension. The knots develop a lot of friction and I have not worked out a good point to include a figure 8 or a ring spiked with a revolver.



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Yeah I thought this was a post from a few years ago that somehow popped up now. Had to check the date. Don't hear much about the F8 revolver anymore.


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I get what your saying but what I'm looking at my not need it. Which is once I got into the tree would transition into a DdRT which I would then work and descend with. The only time I may need to descend is during SRT is in an emergency. Which this this would get me down.

If I was looking to do a total role into SRT, I would probably go the rope wrench.
If you have to go down in an emergency with this setup..oh boy your emergency will be bigger.

Knots like the klemheist and all the other knots used on rope only perform on a DRT system. SRTwith these knots will def fail and you will burn all the way down if you don't install a friction device like the rope wrench or a figure 8.

Understanding different setups and configurations is really a life saver if you are about to try out climbing systems.

Climb safe


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Thanks for the constructive advice. I have very little time looking at SRT, which means I know enough to be dangerous. I don't want to be in danger so that is why I put this out there.

I appreciate it

Tom Dunlap

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... I know enough to be dangerous. I don't want to be in danger so that is why I put this out there.

[/ QUOTE ]

I understand the jest that you're making

There's no reason to go into using SRT without a good understanding. Take some time to go back in the TreeBuzz archives and search for threads on SRT. I just started this SRT forum a couple of months ago so a lot of the other info is scattered around.

When I hear climbers state that they want to use rope-only setups and not have any mechanical devices for SRT I'm very puzzled.

Cavers pretty much invented and defined SRT back in the 60's. The systems have hardly changed just been refined. They used hitches at first and then the gear explosion started. Now, there are soooo many tools to use that make SRT sooooo efficient and safe. Going back to hitch-only seems like a real regression.

Would you share your reason for not using ascending tools?

In your system, adding the RW or [soon] Hitch Hiker, as your middle/chest ascender makes perfect sense. It is an economical way to incorporate a descent component into your system...which is MUCH safer.


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There is more of a combination of reasons why I shy away from mechanical.

Trust in simplicity of the items. The more complex the tool more that may fail? I do acknowledge that mechanical tools are more complex but simpler system and with cordage the system is more complex. Which is a major thing, second to wither the system is safe while properly functioning.

More gear to invest and carry

Cordage is easy to inspect for wear and tear.

Less expensive to replace.

I try to incorporate the equipment I currently have.

Mechanical wear on the ascending rope.

I'm not completely apposed to going mechanical, I just like to see what my options are and weigh the good and the bad.

It's my way of going slow and low

Tom Dunlap

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I understand...that's one of the thought patterns.

Take a second and think of all of the other complex things that we put in control of our lives. Elevators...airplanes...traffic and trucks...etc. I think you see where I'm going with this ;)

Cost, I understand, especially at the beginning of SRT climbing. There are so many options that seem to make sense. Every one can be expensive if they don't work out.

One of my basic demands of an SRT system is to ascend/descend without a changeover. That limits the choices going in...but...when things go pear-shaped and you need to get outta Dodge...bzzzzzzzzzzappp!...there's no time or calm thinking available to do the changeover.

Welcome to the future of tree climbing!

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