Tree Care Company Name Idea's


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Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

I'm ready to start my own Tree Care LLC. I am looking for any creative/professional business name idea's any of you might have, and wouldn't mind me using if I liked it.



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Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

Don't use "Hazardous Tree Company" :)

Try to incorporate your name or initials, something that's easy to remember and clearly identifies you from your competition.
Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

Brendon, not sure if you have explored the insurance and banking aspects of your new venture yet, but I have a GREAT banker up in Ridgefield who is just a pleasure to work with. Also have an insurance agent who is just AWESOME, and easy to deal with.
Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

Advanced Arboriculture, Champion Tree Care, East Coast Choppers, Tree Care of Conn. Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe. Tree Whispers, My family is starving, please buy, property maintenance. Kennedy Tree Consulting
Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

Something that ties in withy the area you want to work in is a good idea brendon,if someone from out of the area is looking for a tree service chances are they will find and use your services.

hope this helps.
Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

Make it unforgettable. Make the first letter especially unforgettable, too! If you can make it humorous & simple too that is definitely a bonus. Less is more. It doesn't need to shout.

When you think of a name consider your logo also. Again, very simple and memorable pays dividends. Less is more. It doesn't need to shout. I think Baileys' logo is far too complicated and full of internal contradictions.

We had a business here called something like “PH & CE Industrial" competing with a business called "Nuts and Bolts". I couldn't even remember what letter N & B's competitor's name started with to look them up in the phone book!

By the way, there's no apostrophe in the plural of "idea"--it's "ideas". I've seen a school with a professionally sign-written sign with the school's name miss-spelled, if it's any consolation!
Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

I already used my best idea, but here's a few things to think about:

Like treebear said, "ABC Services" or the like is meaningless to the consumer. Make sure your name tells people what you do.

"tree care" makes a different statement than "tree removals". "Tree service" is another variant. Or "tree pruners." What is your specialty? How can you make your name attract the clients you want to focus on?

I don't like the idea of going for the AAA-to-be-first-in-the-YP approach. That means every bargain hunter will be calling you out. Unless your goal is to do the cheapest work in town, you'll waste a lot of time on "free estimates." I avoided the YP until I felt my name recognition was high enough that people might be looking for me. Then I listed my name under "Arborists" instead of "tree work". More pre-screening to avoid bargain hunters. Of course, as a small company, I'm not looking for high-volume sales. You may have different goals.

When I wanted to select a name, I got a few friends together and asked them to throw out ideas. I made a list (no editing--write everything down) as we went. When we couldn't think of any more, we looked back over the list and agreed on the one that sounded best.

Don't forget to go to the local county seat(s) and register the name (they will require that you make sure nobody is already using that name). Then if anyone ever tries to steal your idea, you can show the date you registered and claim squatter's rights. In TX, a corporation can register statewide. Not sure these rules apply in every state, but do a little work to make sure you're following local rules and covering your bases before it becomes a problem.
Good luck!



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Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

Thanks for the replies,

I'm still dry...

Here's some on the ongoing list that I haven't fall'n in love with yet...

Natures Canopy Tree Care, Branching Out Tree Care, Higher Reaches Tree Care, Upper Reaches Tree Care, To The Top Tree Care, Progressive Tree Care...

I'd like to use the word Arbor__________ or _________Arbor.

I dunno,

This is hard.
Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

The majority of the population does not not what "arbor" means. Stick to _______________Tree Care or ______________Tree Service. Those words included in your title explains to people what you do "in a nut shell."

This is the very reason the NAA (National Arborist Association) changed to TCIA (Tree Care Industry Assocation).
Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

Each time we bomb a log through a roof, or accidentally spray a tank of Roundup thinking it was Sevin, we find it prudent to change our company name. So far we've been:

Gun, Done & Run TREE SERVICE

Groom, Broom & Entomb TREE SERVICE

Chop, Flop & Drop TREE SERVICE

Bowline Patrollin’ TREE SERVICE

Half Hitch and a Sales Pitch TREE SERVICE

Lash, Crash, & Cash TREE SERVICE

Neglect, Correct & Collect TREE SERVICE

Show, Throw, & Go TREE SERVICE

Take, Rake, Break, & Partake TREE SERVICE

Rot, Knot, & Trot TREE SERVICE

Crotch, Notch, & Botch TREE SERVICE

Talk, Block, & Walk TREE SERVICE

Correction & Collection TREE SERVICE

Lash, Crash, & Dash TREE SERVICE

Yank, Thank, & Bank TREE SERVICE

OK, just kidding, really.
Re: Tree Care Company Name Idea\'s

I like it!! Beaver Patrol! Beaver Patrol! Beaver Patrol!

It doesn't matter what your company's name is (within reason) as long as you do good work.

Speaking of beavers... who the heck came up with "Beaver Squeezer" Grapple, sheesh!

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