Tree Austria 3.2


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Gwinnett County
For sale is a Tree Austria 3.2, size 1. It has about 12 climbs on it, is still in great condition. 20200429_223732.jpg
20200429_223836.jpg 20200429_223846.jpg
20200429_223732.jpg 20200429_223836.jpg 20200429_223846.jpg
I am asking $300, shipped to lower 48. I wluld also consider trading for a Unicender, Akimbo or other mechanical srt device. It does have some red clay on the backpad 20200429_223859.jpg
But is otherwise ok.


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Oak Lawn, IL
Man if I would have seen this when I was looking for anew harness I would have made an offer. This was one I was really considering. Mind if I ask why you're selling?


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Spent quite a bit of time in a Tree Austria 3.2. A wonderful saddle that for whatever reason seems to slip under the radar.. Highly recommended and a great price...

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