Tracked K-Boom?


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Does anyone have tree care experience with tracked K-Booms? A friend of mine is looking into buying one and I'm trying to find some benefits. I really can't see how they would be economical in a residential company. Tell me I'm wrong. I'd love some feedback.


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I could see a tracked k-boom as an asset for projects with odd/limited access, but I see them as rarely useful in our market. Our crane service demoed one for a month or so earlier this year actually, and during the time they had it, only found one project where the tracks were a real benefit over a truck mount. According to them, the big downside was dragging the thing around on a lowboy all day and needing to unload it to set it up and use it anywhere. Also, due to the weight and steel tracks, it required mats everywhere it went, even on pavement.

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I would say @oceans model is bad ass. If you're looking for a bigger model like the 50 that Palfinger will have available in the USA soon, you'll need a tractor trailer to move it around. That's a no go for the areas I work in. Tough enough to find a spot for the chi-truck much less unloading a semi and parking it someplace close for 6-8 hours. Palfingers 110 uses 2 tractor trailers to move it around


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OK, I’ll make the thread this weekend if nothing too demanding pops up. I already wrote the text out, and I just need to compile the photos I want to use. I definitely love my crane, and we use it to bolster the benefits we gained when we went into the spider lift. I thought long and hard, like two years, between different types of truck mounted knuckle booms vs. the spider crane. I’m very glad I went the way I did for now.

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