Tornado Warning Southern VT and NH


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Hey Buzzers!! We have a Tornado warning that has been posted for parts of the area I service. Who knows, could blow over and be nothing, could turn into a weeks worth of work. I am booked solid with regular scheduled jobs and was wondering if their are any Buzzers who are close to the Brattleboro VT and Keene NH area that would be willing to come help if need be.
I have the equipment, I am really just going to need qualified personnel. I could use a really good crane climber, bucket operator with GRCS rigging skills and a few good ground workers.
I would send out a bucket crew with my Foreman and then I would run the crane crew with crane and log truck. (class B license and ability to drive 8 speed would be super helpful)
If your interested you can PM me your contact info and your skill level or what position you would play on the team:) You could also leave info here.
Like I said, this could be nothing more than a thunderstorm. But when did Noah build the ark? Before the flood waters!!



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Royce I'm not to far from you and wood travel to make some coin if a disaster ever presented itself. I'm 30 mins west of Albany, NY. Just remember, YOUR NOT PIMPING ME OUT! :risas2: