Tore my Hip? Can barely move

I was splitting some firewood with a log splitter for a couple hours today, had a little lower back/hip pain, took a break for an hour, then was going to start again. Went to move a pin on the horizontal pivot and twisted weird i guess, heard a couple pops and went to the ground, where I remained squirming for about an hour before I could crawl to my phone, to get a buddy to help me to the house. Holy crap...takes me about 30 mins to even try to sit up. Getting old sucks!

Be safe, stretch, listen to your body!
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Not sure how you feel about chiropractors, but it would be the first person I'd see. The "pops" you mention may be related to misalignments--especially as they occurred when your hip was already trying to tell you it was wacked out. Chiropractors have put me back together dozens of times in my life--and many of my friends as well.
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Yep getting old sucks. I just put in a home gym. I need to train to just do what I used to do off the couch. Today the wife asked how my day was. I said nothing hurts, thats a good day. Hope you heal well my friend.

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