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I must admit that I was a Brady "hater" for many years. However, watching him continuously do what he does year in and year out I can't help but repect him. I have now changed my tune and am resigned and happy to be able to witness the greatest of all time


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Tom Brady has "the spice" (south park reference)
Been throwing the football around with my 17yr old son on ocassion and I too am no spring chicken. Quite amazing to witness. Fan for sure.


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i have rooted for his opponent everytime. but, man... im coming up on 43 this year
43? Your best years are ahead of you Kevin...

Like yourself I was never a Tom Brady fan, but he officially won me over yesterday...He is obviously an extremely talented, driven, and competitive man, but I was most impressed with his words and actions during the victory celebration...He showed himself to be a true team player who understands that he is a cog in the wheel and that his teammates and coaches deserve as much credit as the star quarterback.
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if that link doesn't work look up the Brady 6 Journey of the legend no one wanted from NFL films. I happened to watch it recently and about to be 45 myself. yeah amazing how you never know and the stats dont always showcase those two truly important attributes: the head and the heart.


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Yeah it's hard to argue how good he is but the way him and his son kiss on the mouth is very frightening to me...

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