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Holy crap. Must be a side effect of Covid. Blew a hydraulic hose on my log splitter, brakes went out on one of the pickup trucks and the riding mower's battery won't hold a charge and is leaking its innards.

The gods of mechanical devices are displeased. We need a virgin sacrifice. Anybody know any ugly third-graders?

Mark Chisholm

Not going to lie, I'd be scared to drop something that heavy onto a road, even onto a perpendicular log like you have here. Too worried I'd punch a hole and have to pay for massive repairs.... All our gravel roads/driveways are somewhat fragile in that respect, when you break the hard packed layer, rain will cause erosion in a hurry.
Working for the county here means that we don't have a worry about that, and to be honest, there's very little chance to punching a hole the way it was setup. I understand your worry in your area though. This option is always helpful for us. That trunk was straight under the wires.


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Today we say bye-bye to this long-dead ash where noisy blackbirds would CAW CAW CAW obnoxiously all GD day long. Hope their new perch is a little farther away!


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Olympia, WA
2 hour emergency call this morning, before the high heat...95*f forecasted.

Right next to the house, barely attached by some wood.

70' up. Lowest limb on the tree, just below a regrown 80' leader.
Poorly attached... wanted to be the boss, but lost.

Two ropes installed by throwline, to a Morgan block tied off with a munter-mule knot on a biner mid-ultrasling, and a small Portawrap. A little moving of the limb with the throw line and it came free.
Diced up over landscaping in the lowering zone.


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Knocked out this failing Beech the other day for the keyboardist of Bon Jovi. Good dude-good day. View attachment 77199
Really cool
6 years ago we did a week’s worth of pruning and removal for Igor Larianov The “professor” from the Red Wings
His Wife was a Olympic speed skater and dragged and stacked brush with us all week!

We normally don’t allow but was was negotiated at the bid

They are both hands on type of people and very hard workers


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After a two month wait, I finally got the T540iXP with a 14" from Baileys yesterday and am very happy with it. I'm using the 200X batteries right now, I have a 300 battery on order but it's also months and months delayed. I've had the rear handle for over a month now (with the 16") and it's a great brush/limb saw and this is well... just a different configuration of that same saw. These are my first battery saws ever and for the small stuff, I'm 100% sold that it's better than gas saws in every way. Especially when climbing, not having to idle a saw or pull start is really wonderful and I have a feeling I'll wind up choosing the T540i in situations where I could use my much lighter 2511T or much more powerful 200T, just for the convenience it offers.

I haven't done any head to head cutting myself, but I can say for sure they WAY overstate the power of the saw. They claim it is 'equivalent to a 40cc professional gas saw' but I can tell you right now, my $220 32cc MS180 cuts circles around the rear handle battery saw in wood over about 5" and I can say without even trying it, my 35cc 200T would absolutely stomp the T540i when it comes to trunk wood. Still, love the new saw and one more step towards perfecting my collection. I'll probably end up buying the battery pole saw too.

00 T540 01.jpg

00 T540 02.jpg

00 T540 03.jpg

00 T540 04.jpg


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I'd be pretty surprised if they ever start selling that... neat idea though as the battery is at least half the weight of the system.

With the 200X battery it is just a tiny bit lighter than my 200T with a light 16" bar, using the 300 battery (whenever it finally comes) it will be a good bit heavier, though I mostly ordered that battery for ground tools. I'll run it stock for a while but might switch to the Panther 1/4 pitch bar to make it a little lighter and more efficient for limbing. Time will tell.

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