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OK so I owned "That Tree Guy". I moved and rerouted all the incoming business calls to a local tree service. I have currently moved back where I originally owned my business with no serious thoughts of starting again, now that I am back I have noticed this guy isnt taking my business seriously. He doesnt prune to my standards anymore he has lost integrity and wants me to help pay off the advertising add for the number that goes to him and jobs he has gotten from that phone number. I have not recieved anything for the jobs he has gotten from that number and I have not asked for anything while I was out of town for almost a year. I am now thinking of taking my tree service number and starting "That tree guy" again I am still a certified arborist and have all my lisences I need. /forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif what do you all think. /forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif
the question is do i take my old number back from the service that i rerouted my number to while i was gone or not.
i hate to drive around and see his crew topping and stripping trees. they also tore down a 12kv line, smashed a car,fence, driveway and poked a hole in the street on the same 4900 dollar job. that i told him i could do with my logging buddies minus the raking for $3000
this is not what we did as a company and i hate to see it
his employees all bitch about him not doing thing on the job or books correctly.
i belive the words im searching for are lacks integrity,and quality,
so do i repo the # and go for it or watch him burn my reputation and all my previous efforts? after all he now thinks that i should work off some of the money he paid in advertising bills (approx 3000)nothing for a service that averaged 250 to 280 thou a year with six full timers.
input is greatly suggested


Dont know, did you give him rights to it? If so, you better get a lawyer first.

Secondly, wise word of business, never give anything away and make a contract for all deals. Had you have done this it would be clear and black and white who owned what and had to pay for what.

Just coz you gave him something may not entitle you to have it back, you could be sued for loss of revenue, business interuption etc ... get legal advice first.

What he does after you have given away rights to something is no longer any of your business. If I gave my car to my friend and he trashed it ... doesn't entitle me to steal it back but I would have signed over the rego papers and made sure I'm not liable for repairs, insurance, damages etc.

You may be better of starting a fresh name and let him burn.

Hope it works out for you and in future, give nothing away and have a contract, even home made, to sort out issues like your experiencing.

Good luck
no contract to speak of , he wants to know if i want it back. would i have to take the contractors lic exam again or just apply for a name change, since liscences are given to a company name and not a persons name?
i appreciate all of the input so far:>


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Start from scratch, you've still got the networks, all you have to do is get everyone to know the new name/number. That will happen much faster because you've already got the contacts. Send out a small ad/flyer/etc to everyone you did work for and get them onto Advanced Tree Care Inc. /forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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