Tick spray


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Never heard of tick spray actually, does it work? I know I have often thought about hanging a dog flea collar off my belt loop, but never tried it yet.
Well i use swayer permethrin for my clothes. Permethrin kills ticks unlike deet that repels. I use talstar because it has bifenthrin in it which is a control for ticks. So far so good on lawn and shrubs.


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Tick spraying is big business here in CT Frank. After all, we're the home of Lyme disease (Lyme, CT).
Never done any of it myself, though, so I don't know what they're using. Could be DDT or Iced Tea for all I know.


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Just curious if anyone is spraying for ticks and what they use. I am using talstar right now.
Talstar is what I hear is the best to use. We are in the process of developing this treatment for our customers. I have heard a lot about the Talstar granular. Nice because it can be sprayed with a special back back sprayer, has no drift, and you can send a crew of two guys out with a pick up truck and a few bags of the talstar.


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How much is Talstar? I use Wisdom TC Flowable from Tractor Supply. Same active ingredient (Bifenthrin) same strength 7.9% and pretty affordable $30 a quart. It's a great all around pesticide and works awesome for mosquito control. As far as my work clothes/boots-I use Permethrin 10. I just mix it in a small spray bottle and keep it on the truck.