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I have a feeling that it would be very expensive, but it probably works - it’s similar in design to the branch strippers the timber industry use.

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If the goal is to make consistent collar cuts I wonder what criteria is used. Cutting at the collar will assure that the tree grows clear wood in the future. The trees may be grown as veneer logs in some distant harvest plan.

Anyone who has spent even a small time looking at Shigo's pictures understands this.


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Make it fly off the top of one tree and land on the top of another tree and come down and I will buy it.

Really though, what in the blazes??


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Wonder what happens when that thing hits a fork with co-dominate leaders?

Anybody know what it is called? Would be nice to see more than a tictok in fast forward...


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I guess both would work. When I was there, the company I worked for would do a lot of work in homes that were in more wild areas doing fire safing. Just limping up as high as we could reach from the ground which was often 10’-14’ high. That also involved thinning some of the trees, about 10’ feet between trees. Out in the woods the limbs are pretty much dead any way. This was Eastern Washington too where fires were pretty common. It would certainly work on a tree farm or something of the sort. And I agree, it looks like it definitely has a limit. Too specific to really justify buying one I’m sure. But if WA DNR got a hold of one or more, I would think it’d be worth it to start fire safing as much as they could.

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