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A costumer that owned a wedding venue/ restaurant/ luxury cabin place just contacted me because she just removed some Tea roses near a 15’ x30’ long swimming pool. The shrubs were all declining I’m told. She says the soil is Red Clay. They decided to replace the area where the roses grew with a deck. So they started to dig in the soil ( and disrupt the ground. Soon after all of workers (including her dog) started to break out with symptoms ranging from terrible head colds to severely chapped lips. The dog , whom had never been sick before) stayed symptomatic for years to come every time the dog went outside. I’m told it took thousands of Dillard’s in medication and trips to the vet to stabilize him.
i know that draining a pool near trees will kill them, but I’m stumped on this one. Oh and the Rose bushes were replanted on the other side of the property where 90% are now doing fine. Needs some help on this one? 659883F0-7EB0-4E12-AA38-344C5A6DA0D4.jpeg

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