They got me again !!!


When did that one fall Kevin? Hope it wasn't Northland again /forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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That one fell north of Pancake a week ago last Saturday on that windy Saturday we had.
My boss was coming back from hunting Monday and spotted it.
He gave it directly to the contractor /forum/images/graemlins/9lame.gif

I was working in town for a few days and went out to Heyden for the Friday morning social and the boys told me about it, the same Friday afternoon I saw you for the mid day social.
I went up to look at it and saw that there were three splices in that one span.
I had it off in a matter of minutes.
I'm sure the contractor will go up there a month from now to remove it and discover it's already taken care of.
That's why our plant is in such bad shape, they put pencil pushers in charge of outside plant and they don't have a clue.