There is a limit to trailering


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Atglen, PA
I had a very similar inner discussion as I was loading logs for the contractor I was working for today. I know a Silverado is a tough View attachment 69222 View attachment 69223 View attachment 69224 truck but it’s 20k worth of wood.
That’s a bit much, although some of the new trucks can pull some ridiculous loads. We are looking at a new Ram 5500, tow capacity of just under 40k, GCWR of 47k! It will never be loaded that heavy though, and I don’t care to ever pull a 27k bumper pull behind a pickup either!


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Holy goose neck tandem. The Ram towing mirrors are on par but I believe the Honda Civic tractor rig is lacking a dual wheeled rear axle.

Maybe a few good bumps and hard turns at speed will convert that Honda into a convertible.

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