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The Tree House project has been a job in the making for over a year. A redwood 250' by 18'. The largest coast redwood on Highway 101. A momumental job that involved major deadwood removal and limb tip reduction. The action was a preservation effort planned to keep the tree from losing the last of its major limbs and minimize liability. Many top climbers come from all across the U.S. do it. The list of partisapants is 18 and counting. Many of which I met for the first time. I'll gather all the names and post them with a follow up to this post. I can't thank you all enough.

I'm sure the photographs taken of the job were in the thousands and will most certainly follow this post by the many people that were there.

I must commend the Stihl company for donating three O200t's and personal safety equipment for the workers. A sponsership of over $2000. And the New England Rope company for donating over 2000 feet of line to help pull it off! Another $2000 sponsership. A post summary put the amout of lines in the tree at over 5700 feet!! Over a mile of rope in one tree.

Three days to do the job with the last rained out. It actually snowed here. Rare, and unpresedented for April in this neck of the woods. Though we didn't finnish due to the weather it will get done. It will take a weekend and a small crew of about four. However, I suspect more will show.

High climbing for six climbers in the tree. No accidents.

Me? All I did was take video of everybody else working. Three and a half hours worth. I can edit it out to bout half an hour of some really good stuff.

I just can't thank everyone enough for their support and help with the Tree House project.

I love you.

Jerry B


A great big thanks to JB and all the climbers, sponsors and support personnel who got this amazing project done. This largely volunteer effort was done to secure the safety of the general public, for the tree sits just a few feet away from Pacific Coast Highway.

For those who haven't seen last years' video of the climbing inspection of this tree, the hazard assessment was comprehensive. 4 climbers scaled the tree from top to bottom, eyeballing the limb structure's history of many failures. This video, featuring Jerry with fellow climbers Mike Rantala, Andy Taylor, and Greg Liu, will be a great preamble to the actual pruning operation itself.

2 days were spent setting up the climb, removing electrical conduit & signs, moving chainsaw carvings, waterfalls & generally dismantling the landscape. This luxurious weekend of climbing without cutting involved hanging 4 access static lines, setting up an elevator line in the top and furthur inspection and strategic planning.

In addition, 2 camera platform trees (180') were rigged across the highway, up on the hillside about 75 feet above ground level. Later, 3 other observation posts were installed in adjacent redwoods up to 200 feet tall, and occupied by about 10 other climbers at various times during 4 different days. This support crew was actively involved in documenting the operation, as well as pitching in on the ground, handling lines and trading off with the pruning jobs.

The personalities present were a big part of the appeal of this project. These familiar and new faces are friends, not just tree workers. We had the opportunity to help each other, and together we did this job as a team. I'll always treasure the two different times I got to climb this tree with such a fine group of master tree workers. The last day stormed, and I then climbed the platform tree across the highway, watching Scott Chapple, John Sanborn and Jesse Bawcum derig the Treehouse, while snow blew by at a 45 degree angle.


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This was my second chance to climb a redwood...but by far the best!!! I set the line (a 200' Blue Water II Caving line owned by JPS) up the "Photo Tree" across the street. It was a great place to take pictures of the crew on Monday. Tuesday I climbed a 200 footer located about 30' southwest of the Treehouse. While flip lined in to the dead top of that tree, I got some good shots with my 400mm lens! (don' worry, I did have my climbing line around live wood a few feet below me) JPS and I are in colorado for another day, but when I get home, I will scan and post some of them.
Great people, great trees and great camping...all in all- a SUPER trip!!



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Once again you put togther onother fantastic climb in motion. Only this time, the largest prune job I've ever helped out with and probabaly will ever do. Memories of a life time happend at the Tree House, at least for me anyway and oweing it all to you.
East Meeting West. Climbers and ground crew working together in harmony.Glad to know that the Tree industry is teaching all the same. So that when climbers come together for such a project as this, we can all work at the same level and even learn some .
It was a pleasure meeting other climbers, and putting faces to names of people I've seen only on the Buzz. I cant say it was really a pleasure working with all the climbers in the tree, because I never saw them to much. Just heard them on the other side of the tree except when on occasion we would see each others team.
Some of the pictures that I'm going to post are of the size of this tree, type of limb structure and how high we really were.
Thanks again to all who participated and again to jerry for putting it all together.



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Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
WOW! Thanks for putting up some pics. I sure am happy to hear that things went well for the job. I really bummed that I couldn't be there. Since the tree was de-rigged in the snow it would have been appropriate to have a Minnesotan de-rig :)

This ssounds like it will become a Woodstock-like event.

I'm in Wales now with Mr. Pez, Paolo, so I had to miss out on the climb. We're heading up to Scotland for some assessments. The trees sure don't grow like they do there but they're interesting.

Good to hear about all of the good times!

I wonder where on 101? down by French's camp or closer to confusion hill? There is a codominant coast redwood near weott on the avenue with a burnt out hollow center that must be almost 15 or more feet across in at least one section, I don't know how far up the cavity goes, but it is pretty amazing. I must've missed the post planning this climb/ work day, but would sure like to be in the loop. For me its any excuse to go home to Humboldt.


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The Tree House is right near Confusion Hill in Mendocino County. It actually is the ajoining property to the south.

The job had been proposed since last spring, but the start date wasn't announced until just a couple of weeks before it happened. The weather and owners decision were pending the date.

In fact there for a while I wasn't sure the owner was going to commit. And so the buzz about the job never made it to the board. I'm surprized nobody mentioned it. Cuz I never requested it to be clandestine. I think everyone was hedging their bets not to say anything about it for fear it might not even happen.

Just through word of mouth more people came than what was planned or expected to do the work. Most wanted to help and volunteered their time, which was great, but it wasn't in the budget to pay everyone that showed up. As it was I over booked the climbers positions and a couple didn't get the time to work in the tree they were hoping. The weather the last day didn't help matters with that.

I certainly learned a thing or two about setting up a stunt as big as the Tree House project. For those that feel they didn't get what they wanted out of it I apologise. All in all it was a pretty exciting and memorable time for everyone.

Jerry B

Mark Chisholm

Here is a shot of Nick that we took from across the way while in the Tree House. Good work positioning, Nick!

By the way, Nick became our on-site splice fabrication shop, and really saved the day for Brian and myself. Thanks :0)


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