The Great Divide


Carpal tunnel level member
Lancaster, SC
Standing in the shadow of a giant
Three trunks held together with chains
I contemplate my stature
Ponder my lowly frame

The task at hand seems daunting
Two reasons drive me to proceed
Vittles of the nutritious sort
And a wife who bears my seed

This specimen is magnificent
One can only guess how long
The feet of men have trod beneath
Or birds serenade with song

Progress must continue on
Zero chance of my retreat
I buckle down pick up the pace
Visualize sweet relief

Can dandelion seeds fly this high?
Negative I can't believe
Then what is this that's floating past?
My severed rope it bleeds!

Infinity flashes before my eyes
Blood rushes through every vein
Thank God I had a backup
Or most certainly I'd be slain!

Fear shackled to the memory
Never will I forget
The cord that held my life that day
Or the Oak that called my bet.
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