Thanks to Treebuzz help, I easily took care of this hanging dead limb.


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A twenty-four foot limb hanging by a thread sixty feet up. The tree is only several feet from the house and heat pump.
2020-11-20 Hanger2.jpg 2020-11-20 Hanger.jpg
I found a good crotch on the opposite side, and got a line in it with one shot. I was confident I could climb past the lower part of the limb without touching it, and get high enough to make the cut at the very end.

Since I didn't know the weight of the limb, I carried two ropes up with me. One was anchored to a nearby tree, and it was set up so I could use it to lower the limb from the ground. The other rope was loose so I could use it to lower the limb from up in the tree if it wasn't too heavy.

I tied the anchored rope to the limb, and made the cut. After checking the weight of the limb, I used the other rope to lower it without any problem.
2020-11-20 norma1.jpg
Just enough, but not by much.
2020-11-20 norma3.jpg
That'll ease the worries of the elderly couple that live there, and I probably saved them enough for a nice Thanksgiving dinner, too.

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