Terex xt55. Leak.

My Terex xt55 is leaking at turret rotation plate. I can’t find any parts diagram. But it’s definitely not a hose. I have no idea what is leaking. Any suggestion as to where I can find a parts diagram. Or what’s leaking


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Unfamiliar with that model, but clean everything good with a quality degreaser the watch for leaks. First at just an idle then have someone engage each control individually, headsets are great so you can easily talk and give heads up for a new movement to avoid pinch points.

For degreaser I prefer purple power. Spray it on with a pump sprayer, let it sit and rinse. Only heavy build ups and additional debris (sticks, leaves...) have to be scrubbed.

For a diagram, have you tried calling Terex?

Best of luck with it.

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