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I’m really enjoying this year’s virtual summit! Excellent speakers and great topics ! I’m getting so much more out of watching sessions on my computer where I can pause and rewind to make notes without missing something. I thought the price was very reasonable especially given the amount of ceu’s offered and you have 90 days to view sessions!
Thanks TCIA for another great product!
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I didn't register...there were some attractive speakers, but I've had about enough virtual learning! A big part of that is me taking the time in front of the computer to just sit and watch. I get too distracted (like checking Tree Buzz!). Another part is "I don't need to watch it now, I can do it later" - but later never comes.

When I go to a conference, I am there and it is easier to focus/pay attention. I understand what you are saying about being able to rewind, etc...

I've got a helper out with Covid, and "sent" him to the Summit while he can't be working on site. Will look forward to what he has to share.

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