I'm glad you put this up tod_k,

Since there isn't going to be a practice or prep day this year, there is a few questions on the areial rescue event I need to get answered.

Is there a site on the net where I can get info on the different ways to perform this event. What was shown at the practice day last year and what I seen at the competition were basically the same,just executed in a different way.

Last year was my "rookie" year for competion climbing.

The main reason I never entered before was because of the areial rescue event. Last year was my first experience with the event and recieving some type of training pertaining to aerial rescue. Doing this event for the first time in front of a crowd of people, not to mention the judges, let's just say it didn't go so great, when it came to my turn.

Any help or pointers from any one would be appreciated

tod_k I know you have heard this a few hundred times, good luck in Montreal, the pressure must be awesome, bring that trophy over to the west side of the Atlantic.

Thanks for the encouragement, I will do mt best. I do not really know where on line you could get info for a Tree AR. My best advice would be to stay involved in industry organizations, and keep competing. My entire climbing system was learned and than modified to my liking and competitions. Look forward to seeing you in Sept.
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