Swedish TCC


John Harthill is running it this year in Goteborg
towards the end of May I believe I think its two weeks before the ETCC which is the 9th to 12th June



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If anamerican (US citizen) wanted to live and work ( tree care) in sweden,
what would he have to do?


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It's the 21st and 22nd of May outside Gothenburg.
More info here: STCC 2005

Nathan, let me know if you're going, I will probably be there, at least
one of the days some friends and colleges of mine are competing.
Keep in touch, it would be good to meet in real life.

Treerat, you might wanna give John Hartill a ring, mail.
I have seen him adverting for staff a while back.
He's british, so he's bound to speak/read english/american /forum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
There aren't many larger arborist companies in Sweden and they seldom advert
for staff, but if you want I could probably come up with a few more adresses.

/ Oskar

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