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Hi guys.

Iv got a question about those "super" static ropes like globe5000, liros torpeedo, armorprus, etc. When they are used for footlock you need to have a dynamic prusik strop like the unityloop from teufelberger. But when you use one of those ropes ropes for ascending srt ( with a frogwalker ) must it have also a dynamic part somewhere in the system? How about running a "secret weapon" of one of them?



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Good question I'm surprised no replies yet.

Super-static implies no shock absorption by the rope, compared to Dynamic ropes on the other end of the scale for rock climbing. Most arborist lines fall in the category of semi-static, around 2%-7% elongation.

The key here is the slack generated by the positioning system of choice. For doubled rope static footlocking we know there is a bunch of slack involved which necessitates some form of dampener like a dynamic prussik loop.

In the case of SRT frogwalking the slack can be reduced to almost zero which means no chance of "falling" into your system which should mean no shock absorber necessary. Although Yates makes a nice short screamer pack that works well in that situation and should satisfy even the pickiest of techs.

The secret weapon idea would have to be demo'd to the techs prior to the contest/event.

Disclaimer: this is only my opinion and not an official answer, I'd love to hear what others feel on the topic.

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