Sugar maple - interveinal necrosis with little chlorosis


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Looked at sugar maple trees that had necrotic tissue between the veins...but there was very little yellowing. Normally when I see this pattern (far more often on Red maple), the is almost no green tissue left - very chlorotic.



It has been VERY wet here (and I know we are by no means alone!) - so wet that less than 10% of the fields are planted and today was the cut off for corn to be planted for crop insurance...

Found this article, but with no pics:


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Yeah...sugar maple decline has been discussed far and wide for a few years now.

Wet can explain a lot in your situation though.
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I'm not ready to call it decline...tree seems to be in good shape. I'll be back on the property in 2 weeks or so and will see if there has been any progression or leaf drop.


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That’s funny, y’all are loosing your sugars because it’s too wet?, and we are loosing our bigleafz because it’s too dry


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Is that possibly a symptom of V wilt?
Not like i have seen...but not saying it can't be. I didn't slice open a twig because i wasn't looking for verticillium. I'll have a peek when I am back on that property.


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ancthracnose usually is more "blobby" - less patterned. I've seen some publications that show it following the veins, but not between the veins. Again, not saying it can't be, but not like I have seen.

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