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Last week on Tue. I was doing some utility work in fairly tight spot. I was finishing up on the a corner where two 3 phase lines came to a tee. With some comm. wires going accross the road it didn't leave a lot of room. I was using my handsaw for more control of some branches in close proximity to the line. I looked down to my drop zone and was given an all clear to throw. As I threw the branch I looked back behind my boom toward the truck where it was drifting and there was one of my co-workers with his head down walking by with some branches in his hand. It was too late to yell and he took it on top of his helmet, which flew off as he fell to the ground. Luckily he wasn't hurt, just a little dazed and a little stiff the next day, but it is an horrible feeling to see that happen. You feel responsible whether it is viewed as your fault or not.
I did check the zone and was given the OK and he did approach head down on my blind side But maybe I could have yelled an all clear instead of visual? Also the vocal all clear would make more sense as I was using my handsaw and it may not have clicked that I was cutting because he didn't hear a chainsaw. This is an experienced ground person but accidents still happen. The branch was about 2-3" dia. and a couple feet long with a lateral off the end. Not that big but from 35-40ft it could have been worse. Thankfully he wasn't hurt and we can use this as a reminder and learning experience. Keep you head up and check that KILL zone whether your on the ground or in the air.


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