Stihl MS362 C-M. What do I need to know?

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Good morning Treebuzzers!

Looking for some advice about the MS362 C-M from all the saw gurus here. It's finally time for me to invest in another saw after getting rid of my MS390 some time ago. I know I want a 60cc+- saw that is capable of running up to a 25" bar. The saw is not for proffessional use, but will be used heavily for firewood duties for several households throughout the year.

My local dealer (Ohio) only has the C-M version of the MS362 saw available.

Are there any known issues (or recalls) with this saw that I should be aware of?
Any cost effective modifications that will improve the performance?
I've never owned a saw with a microproccessor, do the additional electronics create problems later in the saw's lifetime?
Would a good used MS361 be preferred if one can be found?

Thanks in advance.


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I believe the newest version has had all the computer carb bugs worked out.
Check out the 562xp as well if youve got a good husky dealer around. I've got one and it's a kick-ass saw for 60cc.
I would also recommend the echo 620p, especially if you want something without computers. A little heavier but definitely seems to have more torque than my 562 ( pretty well equal. Both muff modded and 24" bars.)


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Both the 562 and 362 have been through a few iterations and I don’t think you would go wrong with either. The Stihl saws have had issues with solenoids going bad, but it is not complicated to fix and the electronic aspect should not be a concern. Self adjusting tuning saws are very nice to have as it takes one more worry out of owning it, making sure the tune fits the conditions.

The latest version of the 362 cm is “v3” it has an update coil and smaller plug, if I am remembering correctly. I own a MMWS ported 362 v2 and it is a great lightweight saw that will handle a 25” bar well. I also work with 562’s daily and enjoy them. I think both saws are better with 20” bars for balance and weight but the is personal preference. I like the 462 or 372 with 24-25” bars more as the balance is better.

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Watching this thread also since I bought a MS362C last year. I've cut about 15 cords so far with it, and have no problems. I like the power and the light weight of it compared to my old Husqy 5-something...

I did a bunch of research when buying this and I'm sure I knew it back then, but what is the difference between the 362C, the 362M and the 362C-M?


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The 360/361/362 is a funny sized saw in stilhs line up. It’s a good one, and my first saw. However I regret spending the money on it, it’s not huge gains over a 260/261 and just a wee bit lighter and less powerful than a 440/441.

With the longevity of modern saws, you should look at if you would ever want anything bigger. If I had the funds and more brain power I would have skipped this saw from my line up. It’s not a bad saw, but just a funny in between model. Granted I’m in the PNW. It can pull a 28” bar, but does best with a 20”. 25” in harder woods or a lot of bucking is asking for a little frustration, and taking your time


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I love the 60cc saws.
Still loving my old 036 pro that I stuck a 3/4 wrap and big dawgs on. I love the 3/4 wrap for working down a spar, always easy to get a proper and comfortable grip.
Also got a ms361, a ms391, and two old 034av. Still got a few dinosaurs lol.
Thinking about selling the ms391, I don't use it much, though the antivibe is excellent.

If I buy another 60cc it'll be a husky 562xp.


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I just got a 100% authentic 362cm v3 off ebay in mint condition last week. I went through the calibration procedure when I got it because it came from another state, and I use 93 non-E.
It ran great with a 20" bar and stihl RS3 chain. Had that nice steady bee-like buzz that my 241cm has. I put on an Oregon 24" bar with oregon LPX chain (full, non safety), and honestly I could hardly tell a difference in the saws ability to pull the longer chain over the 20". I did notice the LPX chain cut quite a bit faster, so the 24" bar will stay on it. Which is good, because thats the purpose I intended for the saw.
We took down and cut up two 90 ft sweetgums and the saw ran better the more we cut. That carb has a slow learn algorithm similar to cars. At least thats what Stihl said, but I believe it from what I saw.


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Skip the 362.....jump to a 461 or 462....muffler mod and enjoy a way better saw per dollar it now....and you can pull a 28 bar if needed.

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+1 on skipping the 362. When I was moonlighting with my friend's company my choices were 362, 441, 461. I always grabbed the 461 first. I personally run Makita/Dolmar in that size range. the 64xx/73xx/7900/7901/7910 series is a largely unheard of, underrated beast of a saw with a bit of a cult fan club. Being largely unheard of though means they can be found used in decent condition far cheaper than the big 2. I'd be tempted by a new 462, but I can get two new makita's for the price so that is a no brainer to me as I know exactly what I am getting with the dolkitas. Kills it with a 24/25. Pulls a 32 if needed. For reference I have less money invested in the 3 saws pictured than a new ms362 ;) We can get together for a rec climb/chainsaw test drive if this rain ever lets up. Can try to bring along a 362 so you can run them side by side and understand why I never liked them.

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