Stihl MS 200 Rear Handle - Houston, TX


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Stihl MS 200 Rear Handle - $600 OBO.

Located on the northwest side of The Woodlands, TX (Houston). Homeowner/hobbyist owned/maintained. Been fed E-free gas under my ownership. 32:1 K2. Cash and local only. OBO as I am not as plugged into saw prices as I once was. Even if not a buyer, please send a private message if my price is out of line.

Stihl MS200 Rear Handle – Bought this used. Tore is down to crank case halves, cleaned it, ordered all Stihl OEM parts needed, then sent to Randy Evans (Mastermind) for a complete assembly/rebuild in 2012. All OEM Stihl parts were used and include; piston, rings, cylinder, crank shaft, seals, bearings, clutch, drive sprocket, muffler, air filter, fuel filter, and carb (correct one that does not have issues but can’t recall details). 14” Stihl bar with new PS-50 chain. Basically, any questionable part was replaced with OEM Stihl. Saw was not woods ported (not really needed for this saw….) Under 10 tanks through it since rebuilt. Will include 5 new loops of 63 PS. I Intentionally did not keep track of how much money I put into this saw….. Saw starts and runs well.

Call or text seven hundred thirteen – three hundred seventy six – five thousand two hundred ninety one








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Worth every penny I’m sure. I REALLY want it, but funds do not allow right now. Was looking a while back, and filled the need with a MS241CM.

I doubt it’ll still be available in 3 weeks, but if so, I’ll holler.
Damn that’s pretty.

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