Stihl Easy 2 Start


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Someone wrote asking about the Stihl “East 2 Start “ starting system. Someone else commented to the effect that nobody should need the system. I DISAGREE !!!!!
I am 83 years old and have torn rotator cuffs , twice on each shoulder. The last one on the left is inoperatable due to severity. As a consequence I cannot start a Stihl without extreme pain. The “easy 2 start” is a dream come true. I no longer have to have a neighbor start my new MS 250.
You pull gently to wind up the spring and it releases at the end of the second pull. It starts after about 3 or 4 wind ups of the spring. Even my wife can start my Stihl.

My current problem is ladders. All my ladders now shake when I climb them. I now need an “Easy 2 Climb” ladder.