Sthil 201t - keeps snapping


I have a brand new Sthil 201ms. The starter cord keeps snapping. I have had it replaced professionally (Sthil dealer) and I have replaced it 2 times. After about 6 starts something is fraying the cord and it snaps.

I can’t see anything obvious that is causing the cord to fray.

Any body else have this problem?

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There’s a bur I. There somewhere. I would ask them to replace the entire recoil assembly.

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Rob Stafari

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Brand new saw, certainly the dealer's problem. I would insist they replace the entire assembly. There is no reason you should be investing any more of your time/money to fix what is obviously a factory defect. Factory defects happen, that is what the warranty is for.


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Is this good? Other than it makes my cord snap...

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The fraying is the prob. Not compression. Something is not lining up right in the recoil. Do you have a whole one you could switch out.