Steve, you've got this.


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The humble ones are always the most pleasant kind of geniuses, aren’t they?

Sometimes I skim through posts or threads, but I always pay attention to what he writes. Every bit of advice or word of experience he shares is rock solid and accurate.

Judging just by his online presence, seems to be a hell of a nice guy too. Second (or third) what y’all said. He brings a lot to the TreeBuzz table.


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I was not aware of anything @Steve Connally was going through but he has always been amazingly kind to me online. I’m a newbie from the back of beyond Virginia and he answered emailed questions super quick and in detail. Somebody earlier said quiet humble genius about him and I think it applies. His article in TCIA about the white(?) oak crane job helped to make the right decision in a similar tree and I truly believed it saved me from a potential disaster. Thanks for your honesty and transparency Steve!


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You will have to look far and wide to find his equal. I would love to have him come here and do a training with our fire departments. I have asked him if he would do that and he said certainly. Then I asked him what he would charge and he said that didnt matter. Dont find many guys like that. Hope whatever this is, it is just a minor bump in the road.


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I have met Steve. He is solid, tough, knowledgeable in many facets of life. A full on arb. Committed to our craft. A navy man. A fireman and a paramedic... has had many hats. He skis and hunts. A true compassionate and kind hearted human. Level headed. I look up to him. Though I think I am his elder by a year. We get along though we are polar opposites. He is quiet and I am loud. He is my friend.

Steve Connally

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Oh my goodness. I have absolutely no words. This month has been pretty brutal with repairs and issues but it’s all the norm in this game. I’ve has an amazing year despite the setbacks and am loaded with work and managed to stick away a nice chunk of emergency funds. I’m rock solid for now. It just feels like in this life I live I take more hits than the average person but perhaps it’s not the case and I just whine about it more. I’m truly touched by the responses and the original post. I feel like it’s my duty to give back every single chance I get. When I first started with tree work over 2 decades ago I found this online community. I was climbing on a bucket harness and a flipline. No ropes no ppe. This site and community mentored me, taught me, and embraced me. From this site I learned how and why, when and why not. It’s my duty to pass that information to anyone who wants it and some that don’t As a rookie firefighter I had the old timers take me under their wing and teach me the old school ways. Real firemen. As I matured and rose up the ranks I made it my goal to pass that information along I decided to retire when the new generation decided the old guys didn’t know anything since it wasn’t posted on social media. I had to go. I’m cut from a different mold I don’t know everything and am not at the level of so many on here. I do know what I know and am happy to help anyone who needs it. I’ll gladly share my mistakes to prevent somebody from having the same. This life has been a wild ride and not always good but it’s the bricks that make my foundation and I’ve been through worse. When I lost my wife and newborn so many members of this community reached out to support me. Many whom I’ve only met once or never met in person I consider my friends. Confidants. I want to thank All of
You for your kind wishes and words. The last 30 days have been very expensive but it’s nothing I won’t survive Heck it was cool to ride in a huge wrecker towing my truck. I learned a lot riding with that driver. It was expensive but he cut me a huge break so I tipped him quite handsomely. I try to be a good person and keep my word. I do my best to not compromise my morals. Anybody who has followed the new Matt Cornell saddle deal knows about the pads and my loyalty to my friends like Richard. Anyway. Thank you but I’m not down yet. I’ve still got some life left. I’m sure there are those on here who could use your attention more than me. I’m truly humbled and so honored to be held in such esteem. Love you guys!! I mean it.

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