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Hey there beautiful humans,
I've been climbing about 6 months now with a company in Colorado. Words could never describe how grateful I am to have found tree work....I have the opportunity to push past fears and my limits every single day; mentally, physically, and spiritually, in a way; and so much growth comes from those challenges, in many facets. The tree people, are my people. My mentors teach me what I need to know; and I plan on sticking with this company, so long as growth remains a constant....but i'll leave the heartfelt tree stuff for another time.

I've been grateful to bossman for letting me use issued climbing gear for side jobs and rec climbs, but I want to start piecing together my own kit, but finding myself a bit overwhelmed on what gear to start with.
I've decided.....rope...but now......which rope????

Which finally comes to my question ;)

looking for any recommendations for a solid 50/50 srt/ddrt rope, I've climbed mostly ddrt, but want to start exploring the world of srt more. (climbing a zig zag on blue moon 11.7, plan on buying a Chicane for SRT.

If anyone has anything kicking around collecting dust, would love to give new life to your old gear and buy "used" (the one thing you bought cause it was pretty, but has been collecting dust since)

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Drenaline works realy nice for both. I use a km3 max for srt on bigger trees. But my everyday rope is a drenaline. Like the to switch between srt and drt.


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I’ve used Blue Moon, Xstatic, and Calamine from Yale. The Xstatic line I oyfor doubled rope and I like the Yale lines, Blue Moon and Calamine, much better. My trees are all less than 100’ here in SW Virginia.
I don’t own any mechanicals except for a rope wrench but a friend of mine uses a ZigZag on Xstatic and loves that set up.
Calamine was exclusive to Sherrill and my understanding is that is no longer in production. Gap Arborist in PA will have Calamine but with a CE core which will be a little more stretchy. I got that info straight from Gap and have not used their Calamine but those guys have a great reputation and I would trust them.


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I recommend any Yale 11.7- Aztec, blue moon, poison ivy, calamine. I’m about to try Sherrill’s new ivy lineup produced by Samson. It’s the same diameter and style, but I cant give an educated recommendation yet. If you’re going to occasionally work ddrt without a friction saver (false crotch, ring to ring), I’d stay away from drenaline and xstatic, as their jackets aren’t designed for that abuse. Yale 11.7s take that use much better, though I recommend using a friction saver- it’s easier on you and your ropes.
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I’ve been climbing quite happily both ddrt and srt on Blue Craze, from Gap Arborist Supply. I climbed for years on Cherry Bomb, which is the same thing, just in a different color.

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