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Can enybody tell me if i am in the masters and want to ascent srt and then switch to doublerope when i am up. Must i use a belay device on the base or is it allowed to use just a running bowline with a stopper knot? Do i get any points added or deducted for that?



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You do not have to use a belay device.
A running bowline w/ stopper knot is allowed. (I would recommend a double over-hand stopper, as compared to a Figure-8, etc)
The bowline would normally be shifted around the tree base by at least 90° to provide additional friction.

You would however, get additional points for installing a rescue, or lowerable, system.


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There are a huge number of variations on the rescue / lowerable system.
wraps around a tree (don't interfere w/ the actual climbing lines)
mini-port-a-wrap, w/ a backup eye-to-eye prusik.
two (2) alpine butterflies, w/ gear
etc, etc, etc

Just make sure you have an entire system.
If you use a single butterfly, you should have a lowering line w/ a carabiner attached, ready to clip into the butterfly.
Explain that after tensioning, you want the bowline portion untied, or cut. (knife supplied)

At NEC TCC this year, a climber girth hitched a piece of flagging tape to show "this is were you cut the line." Brilliant ! ! !

Talk to the Judges !
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