spray equipment


I'm getting set up with licensing to add spraying to my services. The only thing I need is spray equipment! I am looking at getting a small skid sprayer. Can someone tell me how much psi I need in order to get about 60' of vertical height? Every manufacturer has a line up with a wide range of pump and engine options and I'm not sure what I need. I've done some spraying in the past for companies I've worked for, but never paid close attention to psi of pumps or engine hp on the sprayers. Any advice on this equipment appreciated. Thanks, Alex


It's not the PSI that's going to dictate the height you can get. The GPM of the pump, and HP of the engine (combined properly) will tell you how much height you'll be able to get. Odds are you're gonna want a 35 GPM pump. I think that requires around a 20 HP engine.