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Does anyone has experience with the use of an electrostatic charged spray-cannon? This device gives an intense electrostatic positieve charge (+) to the mist droplets . These mist droplets will be attracted by any part connected to the negative ground (-) as trees, hedges, ... The spray is resulting more complete, specially in the parts not directly exposed to the cannon jet. In addition it will reduce the spray mist drift and ground dripping.

Does anyone know if the charge also influences human beings?

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Grand Marais, MN
We ran a test on 20 acres of oaks eight years ago. Using two different electrostatic sprayers (one with charger at the cannon and the other with fan/venturi electrodes) there were remarkable properties noticed immediately.

Have been spraying four years year prior, tank coverage, distance, and height were obvious affected, sunlight was such (and a phosphorous dye in the mix) that we could literally see the spray attracted to the trees, instead of our norm of having to point and shoot. The charge rates so low and the operator being not part of the circuit, there were no concerns about static. Climbing into the canopies confirmed coverage, even tissue was selected for analysis and comparison...the electrostatic sprayers passed muster times ten. It's quite a sight to watch a tree literally suck a spray release to itself.

However (and this is a biggie), we were principally interested in droplet size. I was after a misting. I solicited some engineering that would generate a fog instead of spray, that's how the manufacturers responded, by bringing us the electrostatic units. Not quite what I was after but after the detection tests I was sold. I'm going on 50, have had tissue and organ tranplants, multiple trauma interventions, and am very serious about toxins, both political and chemical and have not had any adverse reactions or chronic problems associated with charged particles.

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