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Nice video, lots of realistic info, looks like a good setup for that day. To pull uphill- always a bummer. I’ve seen minis pulling brush and logs with a redirect on a spar just 8’ off the ground, and it certainly had more friction but generally got where we needed it to go without too much drama. I wonder about the force applied to a spar that tall for a load that far away. Probably best to use a GRCS, I could see a mini uprooting a weak tree in that same configuration.

Terminology. Is this a speed line? If it is, a controlled speed line? My understanding is a standard speed line would imply material on a sling and carabiner or block traveling along a tensioned line with no slow-down. A controlled zip line adds a control line.

In the video you mentioned speed lines taking more time than lowering, generally. I have had many success stories using speed lines in both excurrent/decurrent trees where the angle of the speed line gets the material away from a fence below, or it gets the material much closer to the chipper, or even the fact it orients all the pieces in the same direction can really up the efficiency of a job.


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I’d consider this more like a “yarder” setup like many logging operations you used to see on discovery channel....
Agreed.. this is not really what most of us would consider a speed-line, but is more akin to a typical yarder setup(high-lead, skyline)..A mainline/skyline, a carriage, and a skidding line off the front of the carriage to pull the load to the desired location... If they had employed a haul back line off the back of the carriage they would have a legit miniature yarder logging layout...Super cool setup nonetheless, and I enjoyed the vid...


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Oak Lawn, IL
Anyone here use the speed line? It worked out nicely for one of last weeks jobs.
Can you go over how the lines were routed at the top of the yarder ash tree? Looked like the "zip line" rope went through a pulley then down to the GRCS. The pull line went through a pulley to the loader? Did I see the right? Having the same rope is troublesome, but economical to buy the 600' spool for sure.

Would love to know forces the yarder tree saw.

thanks for sharing

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