Speed line rigging rope.


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I am looking for a static/kernmantle speed line rope. Not sure what diameter to buy 7/16 or 1/2". I have been looking at the Samson static rope.

Also interested in any recommendation that you all may have. Samson was my first choice because I am a Samson fan boy. But that does not mean they are the best for what I am looking for.

Tom Dunlap

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YOu'll find that a thicker rope will be easier to tension and you'll end up with less sag. Some ropes come with stretch statistics. The catch is that this % isn't derived from a universal test, it is something to consider though.

Talon Tree Service

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Sterling HTP. It’s my go to for speedlining or natural crotch rigging. I self rig with natural crotches or wraps a lot because my ground crew gets busy. It lasts pretty well


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I like Samson stable braid for speedline rigging. Pulls double duty as a normal rigging rope too.


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My preference is 12mil Sirius. Tough, relatively smooth jacket, low stretch, and light weight. The weight is a big factor when your pulling most of a 200ft Hank of rope toward you in the tree.
If I was to have a dedicated speedline rope, I'd probably run km3 max for an even smoother jacket and lighter weight.

Mitch Hoy

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Stable braid is the way to go. I’m using 1/2” for speed line currently, will step up to 5/8” for lower stretch and more confidence in rigging wood onto it. Get it spliced, and you can terminate it on an ultra sling with a heavy connector if you are zipping big stuff.

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