some vids of mine


Nice. Enjoyed.

But, 3:29 of the Fir vid. That sharp 5" stub pointing directly at your vital organs. One quick, easily recoverable gaff out becomes a collapsed lung, punctured spleen, worse.

Just a thought from a fellow tree climber who has worn a stub just like that and consider myself very lucky.



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hear you on the stub. didnt cut anything on the lower trunk as it was to be left natural, for wildlife and such. had to climb past lots of old stubs getting up that one. my co-worker had a stub pierce his privates once. ouch.


Was also informative to see how that Doug stood up away from its lean as some of the overhanging weight on the leaning side was removed. But there wasn't much left after that.

Just an observation.



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Cool spoons! looks like you put alot of time ito those. Hand crafted is always the best! I could use a couple of those spoons I love to cook!
cool Vids