SOLD: Tree Tech Merit Imidacloprid Micro Injectors - case of 100 for $200

I am selling a full case of 100 Tree Tech Merit 6ml Micro Injectors that contain a 17% concentration of imidacloprid. Effective against ALB, EAB, and many other common tree pests. These micro injectors are an easy to administer, and economical option for companies that are not ready to tackle the high cost of an ArborJet system, but still need to treat trees that are near rivers, lakes, and other water sources. Needing only a drill and basic PPE, these injectors come ready to install. Tree Stuff sells this case for $519.95. These are left over from a large project, and I'm not doing these treatments any more. Willing to let it go for $200 plus whatever actual shipping is, and will throw in a few extra 6ml injectors, in addition to the full case.