SOLD Arborist Equipment for Sale - $2,500


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Arborist Tree Service Equipment - Closed company and all equipment is less then a year old, some ropes used only one or two times. Everything for sale was bought directly from Tree-Line in Tampa and

Here is a list of some of the equipment and some pictures attached, but there is too much to list!

LG Portawrap and Whoopie Combo

Mean Streak 1/2 x 150'Tighe Eye Splice

Mini Frog SRT System

SherrillTree Micro Pully Combo

ART Snake Tail and Beeline Loop Kit

ART SnakeAnchor 8ft

SRT Anchor Sling

Steel Adjustable 10' Friction Saver

Tree Frog SRT Climbing System

Teufelberger TreeMotion Tree Climbing Harness

Pruner Poles and Heads

Throw lines and Weights



Bungee Tethers

Split Tail/Eye to Eye Slings

Safety Lanyards

Rigging Devices

I have about $4,000 worth of equipment and I prefer to sell it all at one time. I also have receipts for the equipment if you want to see them as well.



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Kim T if you piece every thing out you'll get your best total dollar that way. You won't get $2500 but I'm guessing about 8.
hey I sent a pm really interested in some of the items want to know if we can work out a deal on them and get some more photos thanks.