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My entire outlook on social media changed dramatically once I started following Gary Vaynerchuk. He is the most knowledgeable person in the room, and you can learn a ton from him. He runs a 650+ person digital advertising firm, and his side hustle, 'Gary Vee', is all about putting out the best, practical information that operators and entrepreneurs can use in their own business. The bottom line is this: to be relevant in 2017/2018, you need to be a media company 1st, a tree care company 2nd.

If you are focused on tree health, you need to be putting out free content based around that. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are a great start. You need to demonstrate your expertise to the world, to give people a reason to do business with you. Credentials are not enough. Your ISA number doesn't mean squat. Show people how they can take care of their own trees: how to water them, what signs and symptoms to look out for, how to determine if their tree is in decline, the basic concepts of pruning, how to select good nursery stock, the list goes on and on. Become a trusted resource to them, and then when the time comes for something that is beyond their level of knowledge, guess who they will call? They'll call TreeHealthLady, of course!

Check out Gary Vee on his various channels, you will learn a ton. (Spoiler: he swears like Richard Pryor, which may be offensive to some).

Podcast: GaryVee Audio Experience

- Patrick


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