Slack Tending with Carabiner (+ Wrench?!)


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Please forgive my ignorance on this one - I've never used a wrench for climbing, though looking to get a climber onto SRT as cheaply, simply as possible (he has kids, no time, money). I'm kinda just curious to know if this would work anyway.

Can this configuration be used with a Wrench?

Maybe Nick can chime in himself...


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I don't see why it couldn't be used with a wrench depending on the tether. Micropulleys are relatively inexpensive when you think about the costs of setting up an srt system.

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Craig, put some human weight on the hitch and see how it goes. I think you will find that the hitch is going to bind and bind hard. One of the most basic explanations for the wrench and hh is both mechanicals share the necessary friction with the hitch and thus keeps the hitch from binding too much.

The only technique that I have seen with a biner is taking a couple wraps or using a munter on the biner . That will work for decent but will tend poorly.

That being said, I always worry when someone tries to get into anything for cheaper than what it really costs. It will always cost you something and the price on this one is too high IMO.


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Thanks guys - of course, in theory I think it could work - just wondering if anyone has actually done it is all.

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