Short rope SRS climbing on a small tree


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There is a general idea in tree work that SRT/SRS is for big trees and DdRT/MRS is for small and the smallest trees. I really like SRS for small trees, I've even pruned an apple orchard all SRS, I'm probably not the only one.

This is from a River Birch cabling project, wet winter snow severely bent over one leader of a typical 4-stem landscape Betula nigra "Heritage" cultivar. After lifting the bent stem up with a rope come-a-long I set up a two point support textile cabling system. The goal is to have the support in place for a year then assess how well the birch is holding itself up. I've had good success with this technique in the past. In the meantime I'll revisit it and prune/lighten the load when the tree is dormant.

The vid is from the de-rig after installing the support. Tricky climbing on River Birch, the bark is super-delicate:


To illustrate the bark fragility, Fisher claw marks on one of the leaders, approx 3.5" span on the claw mark width.


Fabricated the 1.25" flat webbing sling supports on site


After cranking (carefully) the leader back up with a come-a-long, transferred the load to a small portawrap to release it after the supports were installed.


Detail of the support attachment on the raised leader

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