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Steve Connally

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So every year I do research climbing for the College of William and Mary and the Center for Conservation Biology. I assist with the National Park Service Bald Eagle Restoration Program. We hike in and I climb and enter the nest to move the baby eagles down to the biologists for DNA sampling, Tagging, Blood Tests, and a physical. Sometimes they put radio trackers on them. I do this all over VA and MD in the Chesapeake Bay and Patomac River basin. Once the Biologists are done they send the eaglets back to me and I put them back into the nest. This was on NAS Patuxent River this year. 2 chicks in this nest. This is the male who asked me for a selfie with him. Naturally I agreed. Far be it from me to disappoint a juvenile member of the National Bird family. There's a ton more detail of what we do but that's the cliff notes version.

Mark Chisholm

Mark have you ever used an Instagram repost app? Super easy way to repost the picture and put in the text from the original post.
I liked your post earlier but now I think I should add a reply. Yes I use it alot when people tag me and such, but for this I figured it would be better to ask members to give permission and then post.

And I was just told that reposting from a business is more likely crossing a legal line as well.


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We keep Bees here.. Win/Win situation for the Arboretum..
This is first yr Beekeeper Jonah holding up a "super" frame full of capped honey... Honestly, more work than I have time for, but worth it big picture wise.


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