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Steve Connally

Been here a while
So every year I do research climbing for the College of William and Mary and the Center for Conservation Biology. I assist with the National Park Service Bald Eagle Restoration Program. We hike in and I climb and enter the nest to move the baby eagles down to the biologists for DNA sampling, Tagging, Blood Tests, and a physical. Sometimes they put radio trackers on them. I do this all over VA and MD in the Chesapeake Bay and Patomac River basin. Once the Biologists are done they send the eaglets back to me and I put them back into the nest. This was on NAS Patuxent River this year. 2 chicks in this nest. This is the male who asked me for a selfie with him. Naturally I agreed. Far be it from me to disappoint a juvenile member of the National Bird family. There's a ton more detail of what we do but that's the cliff notes version.


Been here a while
Atglen, PA
Here’s a couple possibilities for you. We are not on social media, so I will try to post photos here on occasion.


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Mark Chisholm

Mark have you ever used an Instagram repost app? Super easy way to repost the picture and put in the text from the original post.
I liked your post earlier but now I think I should add a reply. Yes I use it alot when people tag me and such, but for this I figured it would be better to ask members to give permission and then post.

And I was just told that reposting from a business is more likely crossing a legal line as well.


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We keep Bees here.. Win/Win situation for the Arboretum..
This is first yr Beekeeper Jonah holding up a "super" frame full of capped honey... Honestly, more work than I have time for, but worth it big picture wise.


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