Science & Philosophy Meet DJT and a Horse at a Bar


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Three old friends... a dentist, a proctologist and a philosopher... decide to go to a bar for a few drinks. When they get there, they find Donald Trump and a horse at the rear of the bar. DJT is holding the horse's tail up with one hand, has a flashlight in the other, and is peering into the horse's ass. Curious, the three friends decide to offer their assistance to whatever it is DJT is attempting to do.

Philosoper: "Perhaps my friends and I can be of assistance. What is it you are attempting to discover?"
DJT: "I'm trying to count this horse's teeth."

The proctologist peers into the horse's ass.
Proctologist: "His stool is course and poorly digested. He's missing most of his teeth."
Dentist: "You're looking into the wrong end of the horse."
Philosopher: "Perhaps it's not a horse, but in fact a mirror."
DJT: "He has 146 teeth."

The dentist and proctologist spend the evening arguing with the philosoper about the efficacy of examing the horse's orifices to determine the condition and nature of horses. The philosopher spends the evening arguing that understanding the true nature of horses cannot be accomplished by gazing into its various orifices. Donald Trump spends the evening in the bathroom, gazing into the mirror at an image of a horse's ass and fully believing he is seeing a presidential genius who speaks only the truth about horses.

The horse spends the evening at the bar, getting drunk and proclaiming that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

I'll be at the bar, getting drunk with the horse.


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Perhaps you have heard, there is a special do over election about to occur in NC, so for the past week we have been deluged with robo calls night and day. I have taken to frothing at the mouth and yelling "Your Fired" and slamming the phone down mid call whenever I hear that certain caller, or his relatives. It gives me some relief.


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I'm rather surprised that nobody has been shot over those cheesy breadsticks. Maybe he wasn't packing heat that day.

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