Saw bar for cutting curves

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Sorry about the size of the file :(

A homeowner brought that into the shop to get a new bar. I talked with our mechanic and as near as we can figure, the person was making a butt cut and the back cut wasn't lined up. when the tree tipped, the hinge tore out, jamming the saw in the butt.


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Here's a modem-friendly version.

I think it was driven over, or maybe a log was dragged over it. The radii are too gradual for a pinch, unless maybe the tree sat back and they tried using a winch or something to pull the saw out.



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Another theory.
Tom, you may be half right. Looks as though a tree was dropped on it with the case facing down.Which may have been ripped out of his hand while falling the tree, if thats what he was doing. Flip the bar over and that nice gradual bend looks like a log would fit in there nicely.



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I don't need a curved bar to cut curves. I've learned to sharpen chains for that.

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