Safety alert, slippage on Petzl Zigzag, Zigzag Plus, and Zillon


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Thank you for posting that! Not sure that recall means a lot because Zigzags have been slipping intermittently for years, seems to be part of their nature, but I’m glad to see Petzl is recognizing that they are.
Thanks for this - a question about the Zillion on a lanyard at least - if you have to check the function of the upper release lever return spring with the rope out - that seems kinda hard to do without cutting out one of the ends of the lanyard? Presumably the bottom end . . . . Er am I missin' somethin'?
Actually many thanks for posting this. I had a close look at my own zigzag - it had been glued up with sap more than once and I did my usual isopropanol clean. Today took another look at the flippers and spring and it was stiffened up, guess with sap. After more cleaning and teflon oil in the little lube ports it’s loose and working again. But to check you have to take rope out. Not sure how you’d do this all without removing the rope in case of a zillon/ lanyard. Interesting.
In actual fact maybe there’s a kinda logic flaw in the zillon lanyard product - if the thing is made so you can’t check function without rope removal, yet it’s sold with fixed ends so the lanyard can’t be removed. Or am I missing something?

Addenda: Honey Brothers in the UK (Sept 01 2021 in AM) just sent out an email to their customers about this recall ! Now that's follow-up ! Bravo folks !
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