Rotary broom for clean up? Thoughts?

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I've been trying to figure out a better/more efficient clean up method then raking. It looks to me like a rotary broom that would go on the front of a mini loader would do an amazing job cleaning up the yard, and do it very quickly. Anyone use one of these? Or have any thoughts?


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The BMG rotary broom machine was really great back in the day. My dad still has one, and I guess he has been using that broom machine for more than 10 years. I wanted to get him a new machine, but he told me that he does not want that, and that machine is the best :D. I am actually looking to get a new rotary broom as my older one is dead. I was using it a couple of weeks ago, and I do not know what happened, as that thing actually destroyed the floor on the terrace. I even had to call for the guys from , as they are the best flooring company that I have ever worked with.
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