Rope wrench Lockjack combo


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I started playing around with this combination last week a bit (low and slow) not on the job site and had some observations I thought were worth sharing. I would love to hear other people's opinions if they have tried it. What I noticed is that it worked really well for ascent and descent but there were a few things that made me nervous. If the rope wrench came off the rope and the rope were weighted or pulled from below, the Lockjack cannot and will not lock at all. I think with this combination the original Wrench without the quick release pin is the safe way to go. Has anyone in a work or recreational environment had their quick release pin come out?

If anyone else has used this combination, what rope have you found worked the best?

Thanks for any feedback.


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I use the simple pin and never had it come off. I keep an eye on it especially prior to a move. Similar to ensureing connectors are secure and loaded properly and checking knots during the climb.
I am on Velocity with the LJ.
I use drt primarily and the RW to alleviate the friction for descents on drt or when i switch to srt.
I yo-yo back n forth alot in my prunes and removals.


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We played with the RW LJ combo and could never make it work satisfactorily.

The biggest hazard is that the RW must be engaged before weighting the LJ. otherwise the LJ has no means of camming and applying friction to the rope.

After several uncontrolled decents we stopped trying the combo in favor of the unicender/RW combination.