Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.


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I searched for something like this endlessley when I first adopted the rope wrench system and added it to my VT for my first ever SRT experience. It was awful! Hitch binding on descent was the worst. It took me a lot of trial and error and searching different combinations of Rope diameter/hitch type/hitch cord to really dial it in.

I propose to anyone that reads this, if you have a system that works very well for you, type out what combination you use as well as your body weight. I will write out body weight categories and as you respond I'll fill them in, so that anyone searching for a combination that functions well can simply look at their body weight and see a combo that has been tried tested and true.

145lbs - (4 up 1 down Michoacan / 8mm beeline 23-24" long. / On NE fly)

(9.3 epicord, 4/1 micho, Samson velocity.)

(10mm armor pruss, 3/3 vt, tach)

155lbs - (Hh2, 6 wraps of hrc on sterling tendril)
(3 wrap 2.5 braid VT Tachyon, Imori, +1 wrap for Kernmaster.28" spliced 10mm Armor prus)

165lbs - (4/1 michoacan with 9.3 epicord on kernmaster)

175lbs -

185lbs - (Poison Ivy 11.7mm/ 5 over 3 VT / Oceans 8mm)

(New England KM III MAX 7/16" with 4/1 Distel and 9mm ArbPro 26" or 9mm Epicord 26")

(Yale 11.7mm AZTEC with 4/1 Distel and 10mm Ocean Polyester 28" or 10mm EpiCord 28")

(any Yale 11.7 or Cougar or Tachyon or Escalator (any rope really) 3/ 3 VT with 9.3 mm EpiCord.)

195lbs - (NE KM III Max 9.3 Epicord, hand spliced 31" VT 4/2.5 alternating with Michoacan 4/1 to extend life of hitch cord)

(Cougar Blue 28" sewn 9.3 Epi 3/4VT)

205lbs -

220lbs - (Arbormaster( Bigfoot) 10mm AP tied at 24.5" 3x3 VT bottom cross on the tether side of the RW)

265lbs - (Htp addiction 11mm/ 4 over 3/ 9mm arbpro)

335lbs- (5over 1 Michocan with 8mm 30" armour prus or a 6 over 1mm armour prus 32")
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This is obviously way over your max weight at 265 lbs

Htp addiction 11mm/ 4 over 3/ 9mm arbpro.
That's alright mines not there either! :endesacuerdo:

145# 4 up 1 down michawacan (sorry for the spelling) with 8mm beeline 23-24" long. On NE fly or dragon fly. Works ok on Tachyon too but is a little bindy.
Oh and a 12" Whipple style stiff tether in the middle hole of a HC pully.

With silk underwear.... That probably won't help how the wrench operates though. :lol:
Great idea!


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New England KM III MAX 7/16" with 4/1 Distel and 9mm ArbPro 26" or 9mm Epicord 26"
Yale 11.7mm AZTEC with 4/1 Distel and 10mm Ocean Polyester 28" or 10mm EpiCord 28"


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9.3 epicord, 4/1 micho, Samson velocity.

10mm armor pruss, 3/3 vt, tach.

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Great idea....squirrel...your are an ity bitty....145...that was my weight at 14...

185lbs.....this will work for any yale 11.7 or any cougar

10mm epi..10mm codeblue...10mm AP....
Semn eyes

3/3 VT....last wrap on top always staying on outside of braids.....

Similar to pic... 2016-08-02 07.54.43.png

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