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Hey all, newbie here with some silly questions. I saw a video where a guy spliced beeline with just the core for the eye with brummels , what’s with that? Can/should all prusik cord be spliced like that, or is there something special about it? It looks like just double braid rope, so isn’t the strength from both the cover and the core?

How do you distinguish whether a rope needs a class 1 or 2 DB eye splice?


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The Vectran core of beeline is a class 2 fiber and can't be spliced like a regular class 1 db with a polyester or nylon core. It's strength is in the core. Most manufacturers and distributors will list the cordage materials and construction. You can determine from that and sometimes what splice is required will be listed too.


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The double naked eye splice you described is done that way to make it easier to make the locked brummel on the second eye. The cover is off when the splices are done and put back on after. The first eye will pass through the cord avoiding the more complex rebraiding method.

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