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Do you use ring or micro pulley on your rope bridge?

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Bobs bags. AKA "Hobbyclimber" bags, I think Wesspur is selling them now. Stand nice and stiff, and hold up great. I have 4 of his "originals". When you break a chainsaw cord, there is one on the top of the bag for replacement. Good thinking!
i bought a weaver rope bag at the penn/del comp last year, its fricken huge, nice, stiff walls with absolutly no problems loading rope into the bag and it holds my climbing gear as well, problem is that it doesnt have an easy way to transport, it does come with a should strap but all that does position the bag horizontally so that everything you own can fall out, ive tried adding another strap but to no avail because the bag is circle it wont stay flat on my back

im going to have to look into the hobby climber bags, i owned a couple of the cheap 20$ bags but they rip rather easily


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Ranger....what about "none of the above!"

As our bags are due to be replaced we are opting for rope tarps.

They are way easy to use, compressable and easier to identify. Not to mention that they don't have a drawstring that can come untied or loose.

Where we once fit 1 "bagged ropes" we can fit 2 or more "tarped" ropes. ABC makes a good one pretty cheap too. Less than $30/tarp and has compression straps, buckles and corner loops.
rick, how do you throw a tarped rope out of a tree? Too often I find myself asking for rigging lines tied onto my line, but the whole line so that I can install an isolated line in without having to pull all 200+ feet of line out of the bag
Metilouos makes a sweet rope tarp bag. I am using a Black Diamond hard side bag for everything, weight in @ 45 lbs. 2 Ropes, saddle, throwlines/cube, helmet, random gear, silky and felcos. I have a tapered Black Diamond backpack called a Bullit that holds 120' and some gear, just a touch larger than a NFL football for a rescue pack.
I use IKEA blue tote bags, they are currently 59 cents at IKEA, they sell them at the checkout.

They will easily hold 200' of rope and a saddle.

Can't complain at all for 59 cents. Also great for laundry.

I use the cmi rope bags. Ive used them for years w/ no problems. You have to step through the handles to open it up and keep it open to put the rope in, but its no hassle.

I too have a bag from hobby that has my bull rope in it (150' of 5/8" double braid) and a bag from new tribe.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
For the last few years the ISA has given out rope bags for registration materials. They aren't super high quality but they are 'free'.

If you attend a conference ask the housekeeping staff if you can have any of the bags that are discarded when people check out. A fella that I talked to in STL said that he came out in the hall one morning and found about ten bags in the housekeeping cart's trash. He asked to have any extras for his crew. When he got back to the room later in the day he had MANY bags to take home for his crews.
Ya know tom, that pisses me off. Each chapter that hosts the conference spends a lot of money putting the conf on and for people to trash those rope bags is...well sh!t, I cant think of the words. Sure they are cheap, but thats no reason to throw them away.

Maybe the conference people need to ask registrants if they want the bags to start with. If not, they dont have to take them.

I endedup w/ a bag and I didnt register either. I sweet talked the gal at the registration booth and she said theyd have extras anyway.

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